Enhancing Full-Proof Workflows: Creating Patient Satisfaction

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The dental industry is substantially driven by word-of-mouth marketing. When looking for a dentist either for the individual or their family, a consumer relies heavily on the recommendations and opinions from the people around them.

Patients look at previous customer reviews. With social media usage growing to what it is, dentists have an ever-expanding marketing opportunity to showcase their work and customer satisfaction to a wider group of people.

Understanding the power word-of-mouth marketing has on your dental practice, whether positive or negative, will ultimately improve your practice's patient retention rates.

Complete Customer Satisfaction

It’s not about the expensive technology or impeccable understanding of the dental field that will attract your audience. When you focus on the customer's overall experience, you are creating a practice that is customer-driven.

Burbank Dental Lab understands in its entirety how important the dentist-customer relationship is and the responsibility and expectations a patient has set for their dentist. Because of this, Burbank Dental Lab prides itself on being able to maintain an outstanding dentist-lab relationship to ensure the patient is always satisfied with their final restoration.

The appreciation and happiness from one patient can create a domino effect for more patients to flood into a dental office. The power that personal referrals and recommendations have on a dentist can make or break your dental practice, and that all comes down to customer satisfaction.

With everything that has happened last year because of Covid-19, a patient needs to know that their dentist cares to give them the best results in a timely manner while keeping their best interest in mind.

Digital Dentistry Workflows

Burbank Dental Lab has harnessed this idea and, in doing so, has become a leader in advanced dental technology with some of the most highly trained technicians in the country. All of this, combined with the following, are ensured to create a journey your patient will appreciate.

Enhancing Patient Knowledge

The dental jargon used in day-to-day lingo between a dental practice and lab is wildly different from that of a patient and dentist.

Often patients come in looking to fix their teeth for solely cosmetic purposes, and while aesthetics are important, functionality and form are just as important to discuss with your patient. Helping them understand the importance of color matching, bite taking, scanning, and the positive and negative outcomes of a procedure is important in building that trust and allowing your patient to make more informed decisions about their dental care.

Patients who are more knowledgeable are better able to agree to the appropriate treatment plans and take care of their new smiles, which will ultimately reflect back on you and the reputation of your practice.

Creating A Predictable Workflow

Every successful case begins with a plan that is well thought out and properly executed. The Burbank Dental Lab Smiles By Design team utilizes a fool-proof approach for supporting the dentist from the initial case diagnosis to the final restoration and delivery.

Our team is trained to properly go through each aspect of the case from start to finish to ensure the patient receives the best possible outcome.

Step by Step

  1. Analyze the prescription precisely, making sure all pieces needed are there.
  2. Assess every model sent for the case.
  3. Evaluate functionality and occlusal clearance.
  4. Scan intraoral images.
  5. Utilize a functioning QC for each part of the restoration to ensure everything is according to plan.
  6. Provide proper material selection.
  7. Use matrix guides and diagnostic wax-ups to plan an appropriate outcome for the intended result.

One of the best ways to ensure the case will be properly executed by our Smiles By Design team is through providing:

  1. Study models
  2. Photos of the patient's existing dentition. The more photos our team has, the better the outcome of the case will be. We recommend the following angles when taking photos to be sent to our lab:
    1. Full face from forehead to chin
    2. Patient’s lips at a resting positing
    3. Close-up of the patients’ smile
    4. Pictures of the shade needed
  3. Diagnostic wax-up should be done to plan the length, shape, and work out any occlusal issues. A replica of the wax-up should be provided and used to fabricate the temporaries. The patient will be able to evaluate the proposed treatment and provide feedback before the final restorations are completed.
  4. Preparation guide to ensure the best possible outcome.
  5. Impressions should be taken along with the following:
    1. Bite registration
    2. Capture the horizontal plane with a face-bow or Kois Facial Analyzer.
    3. Photos of the patient with the temporaries
    4. Approval of the temporaries
    5. Final restorations.
Matching The Single Unit: Layered Zirconia

No matter what, creating a plan between the patient, dentist, and dental lab will help us ultimately understand the patient's desired goals, the possibilities of the case, and the limitations that may arise.

Following the above steps helps to ensure the patient's expectations are managed.

Digital Dentistry Workflows

Creating a superior patient experience includes ensuring that the case is executed flawlessly. It has been well documented that technology has completely disrupted the dental field and brought about improvements to dental processes, from impressions to final restorations.

These changes have created faster turnaround times and improved accuracy, and also greatly improved the patients’ experience in the dental office. Specifically, the use of intraoral scanners to replace the analog impression method has been a great improvement for many patients.

Intraoral scanners create the opportunity for improved communication between the patient and dentist. The images can be shared with the patient, and this provides an excellent visual when discussing diagnosis and treatment plans.

In addition, this technology has been shown to improve accuracy in the final restorations in a shorter amount of time.

There is also improved communication between the dental practice and the laboratory as the digital impressions can be uploaded instantly to the lab. They can then be evaluated in real-time to ensure adequate data was captured, and open up communication on the case.

The Burbank Dental Lab digital team reviews the data and is able to consult on the specifics of the case while the patient is still present.

The team can advise regarding preparation design and accuracy, and the doctor can make any necessary changes while the patient is still in the office.

Other benefits of IOS scans include:

  • Reduced overhead as the need for impression material is eliminated
  • Chair time is reduced as scanning is faster than analog impression taking
  • The intraoral scanners eliminate the occurrence of gagging that is often associated with traditional impressions.

Improving the patient experience is necessary to be competitive today. It is no mystery that the number one way a dental practice grows is through word-of-mouth referral.

Creating patients that are raving fans who will share their experience with others can be a game-changer for a practice's growth.

Creating an environment that ensures predictable outcomes and improves the patient experience by meeting or exceeding expectations starts with the right dental team.

Call Burbank Dental Lab or chat with us today to get started on your next case.

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