Dentistry has long awaited the arrival of an all-ceramic that is both esthetic and durable enough to be considered as a legitimate alternative to PFMs and gold restorations. The day has arrived, Zir-MAX® meets the requirements that you have been looking for in a posterior all-ceramic restoration.


Zir-MAX® monolithic zirconia is a full zirconia restoration that does not incorporate vulnerable layering porcelain into the equation. The weak link in all porcelain fused to  metal or all-ceramic

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Zir-MAX.M Monolithic Zirconia

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systems is the layering porcelain that typically has a flexural strength around 100 MPa. Since Zir-MAX does not use layering porcelains it therefore is stronger than all porcelain fused to any substructure material, metal or all-ceramic. With 850 MPa flexural strength Zir-MAX more than meets the strength requirements in posterior dentistry.

Favorable Wear Characteristics

Fine-grained Zir-MAX zirconia  is  durable  but  also  gentle  to  the  opposing

dentition. Polished Zir-MAX is significantly  less  abrasive  than  conventional

feldspathic layering porcelain. Zir-MAX is kinder than any porcelain veneered

ceramic restoration.

Excellent Esthetics

Zir-MAX has 20-50% more translucency than other full zirconia  &  all-ceramic 

restorations. Additionally Burbank adds fine details with opal-essence ceramic

stains that maintain the vitality of the restorations esthetics. 

All the above elements makes Zir-MAX the best balance between esthetics and

durability of any restoration available.

Simplicity Of Cementation

Zir-MAX  can also be  placed with either conventional cements or bonded, making it fit into what ever procedures work best for you in your clinical judgement.

Cementation Protocol

Zir-MAX can be bonded using adhesive systems with dual cure resins (RelyX Unicem, 3M ESPE; Panavia F2.0, Kuraray. We recommend Z-PRIME from BISCO to prepare the inside of the crown for adhesive dentistry), or cemented using low expansion cements, like resin-modified glass ionomers, (RelyX Luting Cement, 3M ESPE; GCFuji Plus, GC America)


Crowns, and bridges, and implants. Zir-MAX may be used in all applications that PFM would be used. Bridges may have a total pontic span   of up to 20 mm of contiguous pontic width. Single or bridge restorations may be used for all positions in the mouth. However 2nd molars are better services by our high strength Zir-MAX (Compressive strength of 1250 MPa). Zir-MAX-L (layered zirconia) may be used for anterior cosmetic units.

Restorations can also be mixed monolithic / full contour zirconia and layered units, in order to accommodate mixed strength and cosmetic needs.


It is not necessary to use a shoulder preparation, and feather edge preparations are acceptable. Ideal minimum margin preparation is .3 mm chamfer, but all margin preparations may be used, including a full shoulder.

• 1 mm axial wall reduction

• 1 mm cingulum / occlusal reduction required.

• Note: As with any all-ceramic, no sharp or right angles.

Adjustment Tips

• When adjustments are necessary for fit, adjust prepped tooth.

• When occlusal adjustments are required on the monolithic zirconia material, use a diamond with water for ceramic adjustments of veneer porcelain.

• Avoid carbide use.

In-Lab Turnaround Time – 7 Working Days, with expedited delivery available on request.

Affordable - Value Pricing

Zir-MAX is specifically positioned for where today’s dental practices live. In an economy that has temporarily shifted towards need based dentistry, we at Burbank wanted to offer a product that filled this need. Zir-MAX fits perfectly into a quadrant dentistry, single tooth niche. With 850 MPa of strength it is an excellent restoration for premolar and molar restorations, effectively replacing many PFM and even full gold applications. Due to the high level of esthetics it can also be used near the smile zone when extra strength is required, and may also fit well into clinical needs for lower anterior restoration requirements for minimal reduction, and good wear characteristics. Zir-MAX restorations are the ideal restoration for your patients that demand esthetics and durability, but are on today’s budgets.