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Certification is the professional standard in dental laboratory technology. It is the means to identify the dental technicians and dental laboratories that have demonstrated their technical qualifications against a national standard and displayed their commitment to maintaining quality within dental technology. Since certification is voluntary, laboratory certification represents not only compliance with documented standards but a desire to be an industry leader - a dental laboratory that takes pride in the quality and professionalism of its products and services.

A Certified Dental Laboratory (CDL) must:

    1. Employ Certified Dental Technicians in supervisory positions. A Certified Dental Laboratory (CDL) must employ Certified Dental Technicians (CDT's) -- who are subject to strict continuing education requirements -- in supervisory positions.

    2. Document facility compliance with accepted health and safety standards. The CDL Board seeks to assure that Certified Dental Laboratories are well equipped to provide the service you require, and that they comply with necessary standards of occupational health and safety. The Board encourages standards of lighting, ventilation and overall maintenance that will make the laboratory a desirable working environment that will attract technicians who are committed to high standards for themselves and their vocation.

    3. Maintain high levels of training and practice in infection control. For a dental laboratory to provide professional-level support to dentistry, its technicians must keep pace with new technological developments, current theory, and practice in dental restorations. CDL Guidelines further recommend that all employees of Certified Dental Laboratories be offered continuing education opportunities on a regular basis.


CDL standards closely align with legal requirements with the OSHA standards for hazard communication and blood borne pathogen exposure control that are laws for employers today. By implementing the equipment elements of the CDL standard, your laboratory will be better prepared for an OSHA audit.

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