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Why you should choose CAD-Ray Imaging Services?

What is CAD-Ray?

CAD-Ray is a dentist-owned and operated dental imaging center. We offer peer-to-peer implant planning and surgical stent manufacturing services to provide every dentist an easy and affordable opportunity for predictable implant placement in their practice.

Why Should I Use CAD-Ray?

CAD-Ray offers a complete solution to your implantology needs. Through our multiple imaging and affiliate centers, we can easily capture three-dimensional x-rays for your patients, anywhere in the United States. Our dentists will provide you with peer-to-peer design services and collaborate with you on treatment planning for your patient's care. CAD-Ray will fabricate surgical stents allowing you the ability to perform surgery with incredible precision and the least amount of liability.  Together, with the support of our partner, Burbank Dental Laboratories, we offer efficient and predictable restorative outcomes even for the most complicated cases. Most importantly, our unparalleled implant training curriculum will dramatically improve your confidence and skill level.

How Can I Use CAD-Ray?

CAD-Ray offers state-of-the-art imaging centers in Southern California and Chicago, IL, with additional affiliate centers around the United States. If you aren't near a CAD-Ray center, you can still benefit from our services by uploading your dicom files with our secure upload portal and mailing us an accurate stone model.  Visit the Remote Design and Stent Services on our website on for more information.